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COST SEGREGATION (avg savings $75K per million in purchase construction and/or TI/Renovations)

Do you own commercial property, or have performed significant lease hold improvements?  This is an engineer-based study that focuses on components of the building.  90% of all commercial properties qualify for this program which provides an opportunity to significantly reduce federal taxes and improve cash flow.

Target Industries:

  • Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Grocery Stores

  • Medical Facilities, Funeral Homes, Office/Retainer complexes, Dealerships, Golf Courses

R & D TAX CREDIT (avg savings $50K tax credits per million in existing payroll)

The Manufacturing Incentives benefit is a Federal program designed for companies that perform manufacturing in the U.S.  An engineer-based program that focuses on a company’s operations and processes to determine their incentive qualification. 

Target Industries:

  • Manufacturing, Engineering & Software, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences

CREDIT CARD MERCHANT AUDIT (avg savings $6,000 processing fees per million in receipts)

Our two-phase approach to expense reduction is unparalleled in the payments industry.  We review your credit card merchant to identify areas of correction, i.e., plan type, rates & fees.  Must annually process an excess of $300K in card payment volume.  It will require an Audit Services Agreement and 3 recent monthly merchant processing statements to calculate the Baseline Processing Rate which is used to measure future savings.

Target Industries:

  • Any industry that utilizes credit card merchant services

HIRING TAX INCENTIVES (WOTC) (avg savings $2,400 - $9,600 per qualified employee)

Federal Workforce tax credits are available that incentivize workplace diversity and facilitate access to good jobs for American Workers (over 100 different credits available) – as low as 1 new hire per year.

Target Industries:

  • Restaurants, Hotels, Farming, Manufacturing

  • Service Oriented businesses such as HVAC, Plumbing, Construction


Our Workers Comp Audit identifies and recovers premium overcharges by reviewing the past 5-7 years of classifications, experience rating calculations and premium audit calculations.

Target Industries:

  • Aircraft, Amusement Parks, Casinos, Grocery Stores, Home Healthcare, Hospitals, Restaurants

  • Machinery Dealers, Meat Processors, Trucking, Warehousing, Wrecking & Demolition

PROPERTY TAX MITIGATION (avg savings - 15-25%)

A property tax review can result in savings up to 15-25% or more, of the total real and personal property taxes paid.  Savings identified in the current year are typically realized in future years as well.  It requires Commercial Property that has had $50,000 or more in real and personal property taxes annually.

Target Industries:

  • Hotels, Restaurants, Manufacturing, Retail Plazas, Grocery Stores, Office Complexes

ENERGY EFFICIENCY AUDIT (avg savings - 20-50% of Annual Utility Spend)

Utility Gas and Electricity Audit. Powered by PowerTrak. Our Efficiency system comprehensive, proprietary cloud-based platform and sensor package enables our clients to reduce their energy consumption and gain full insight into their building's systems and energy usage with

No Capital Investment!  Minimum $5,000 utility Invoice per Month.

Target Industries:

  • Hotels, Restaurants, Office Buildings



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